How Can Water Improve Brain Function?

Memory & Focus Directly Related to Thirst

You probably already know that regular water consumption is necessary for optimal physiological health, but did you know it improves your brain functioning by up to 14%?

Think of it this way: When you really have to relieve your bladder, it’s difficulty to think about anything else other than opportunities to do so ASAP. Thirst works in a similar way. If you are thirsty (whether subconsciously or consciously), your brain is using up attentional resources trying to signal your body that it is thirsty. When you take care of this basic need, your brain can focus on the task at hand once again with improved results.

Research Shows 14% Improvement

In a study conducted by the University of East London, researchers tested 34 men and women twice: once when they were thirsty (had nothing to drink overnight) and once when the thirst was relieved. Those who were thirsty completed the task more quickly after having a drink, making them 14% quicker than before (Journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

Hydration Even More Important for Children’s Focus and Memory 

Researcher Dr. Edmunds also found that children who drink water prior to sitting tests fare up to 33% better than children that do not! This is an important take-away for setting your kids up for success when they take their big tests at school.

Improve Mood, Energy and Concentration

Drinking water and brain function is very closely linked. A lack of water to the brain can cause major problems with focus, brain fog, headaches, sleep issues, memory and mood. It is one of the simplest things you can do to perform better throughout the day and maintain your energy levels. So, the next time you’re feeling stuck, take a few minutes and drink a bottle of Fountain of Youth water to recharge!