Why Should I Be Drinking Oxygenated Water?


The consumption of water is integral to our health and wellbeing. Many hydration studies show water as being absolutely essential to bodily functions such as organ maintenance, skin elasticity and clarity, immune system balance and waste elimination.

What does Oxygenated Water specifically do?

The process of reverse-osmosis and oxygenation that Fountain of Youth Bottled Water undergoes offers several health benefits.

Optimal Physical Functioning

Oxygen-enriched water such as ours, compared to filtered water, significantly reduces lactic acidosis (or internal muscle burn). Fountain of Youth water should be consumed during physical activity to reap these benefits:

  • improved endurance
  • increased energy
  • decreased body aches and pains
  • enhanced athletic performance

Improved Immune Function


With higher bloody oxygen levels, all biological waste and by-products are more easily reduced through oxidation. The result? A widespread deactivation of potentially toxic substances in the body, which triggers faster elimination cycles through urine and the skin. Specifically, this leads to:

  • less chance of cancer
  • preventing viruses and bacterial infections
  • improved digestion
  • clearer skin
  • improved general health

Fountain of Youth Bottled Water is a proudly 100% Canadian product that is produced sustainably and ethically. To enjoy health benefits such as improved immune function and bodily maintenance, place your order at info@foybottlewater.com

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