5 Awesome Ways Hydration Improves Your Skin

We Don’t Call It “Fountain of Youth” Bottled Water for Nothing!

The health benefits of daily water consumption are endless. When we consume the recommended 2 litres of water a day, the evidence is astoundingly noticeable. We first begin to see the dramatic difference in our skin. Hydration is key for a younger skin texture and a radiant glow. Listed below are some of the ways hydration positively impacts our skin. 

A properly hydrated body shows improved skin cell turnover. 

Your skin is made up of cells. Just as any other cell in the body, skin cells are made up of water. Your skin is 64 percent water, thus, it would make sense replenishment would have a positive effect on this organ (waterskinyes! your skin is an organ). It is extremely important to replace water content, as it is lost in large quantities daily. Drinking water will reach all the other organs required to keep you functioning before it reaches the skin. This is why it is incredibly important to stay on top of your water intake. When we drink enough water, our cells regenerate efficiently and our bodies operate to the best of its ability. Thus, our skin will reap the benefits. 

Water hydration creates a healthier complexion.

Drinking enough water daily detoxifies the blood stream, allowing younger looking skin. That youthful glow many seek is created due to the increased blood flow to the skin from consistent water intake. When dehydration occurs, the skin appears duller. 

Sufficient daily water intake keeps skin moisturized. 

Dry skin is the result of lack of water, which ultimately ages skin. Drinking water every day helps you save money on expensive moisturizers. This is extremely beneficial during the colder, winter months when heating systems dry out our skin from lack of moisture in the air. When skin is elastic from hydrated, there is less of a chance of cracking and becoming tight or flaky. Dry skin is less resilient and is more prone to wrinkling.

Adequate water intake prevents fine lines, reduces thinness, wrinkles and even stretch marks. 

Studies have found that drinking 2.25 litres of water every day for four weeks enhanced skin density and thickness. The reason this occurs is due to the fact that water plumps up skin. When this happens, wrinkles and pores appear as though they are, more or less, filled in. Without proper water intake, wrinkles and pores become more prominent and harder to miss. 

Hydration prevents skin problems and may alleviate skin discolouration. 

As we have learned, when our skin is hydrated, plump and elastic, damage is less likely to occur. When skin cracks, irritations and blemishes develop because external particles can be let in. 

Dehydration is also linked to acne formation, as it triggers changes in the oil glands in the skin. Water fends off breakouts through decreasing the concentration of oil on your skin. The amount of water one drinks is directly related to the type/ quantity of oil and sebum your skin produces. 

While there is a lot of scientific basis for hydration being a major factor in youthful, more resilient skin; the solution is quite simple: Enjoy Fountain of Youth Bottled Water 4x a day for a flawless complexion.

Water Drinking Cheatsheet For Maximal Benefits

Drinking water at the right time of day is important to achieve optimal health benefits. 

We’ve broken down the basics of when to drink your 8 glasses of water in two different ways. The first list is for those who like to get the big picture. The second list is for our more detail-oriented, regimented readers.


1) First Thing After Waking 


Drinking a bottle of water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up. This helps activate your internal organs and remove toxins before your first meal.

2) Before each meal

Drink a bottle of water half an hour  before meals. This helps with digestion, and should be followed up with another bottle an hour after your meal. 

3) Before a bath

Drinking a bottle of water before a nice relaxing bath will help lower your blood pressure.

4) Before sleep

A bottle of water before bed helps to renew cells and maintain hydration during sleep. It also is preventative to heart attacks and strokes.

Water drinking schedule

Here is an example of a water drinking schedule broken down by time of day. This would obviously vary from person to person, depending on your commitments. Consider making one of your own and putting it in your calendar.

7:30am – 1st Bottle (before breakfast)

9:30 – 2nd Bottle (1 hour after breakfast) 

Noon – 3rd Bottle (before lunch) 

1:30pm – 4th Bottle (after lunch) 

3:30pm – 5th Bottle (can be some other un-sweetened beverage such as tea) 

5:30pm – 6th Bottle (before dinner) 

8:30pm – 7th Bottle (after dinner) 

10:30pm – 8th Bottle (before bedtime) 

For more health tips, check out other posts on our blog to find out ways to optimize your water intake for weight loss, and more!

Water Fasting + Exercise Is Easy and Totally Worth It!

 My personal trainer swears by water fasting while exercising or ‘fasted cardio’ , so I gave it a try. It sounds pretty hardcore initially, but it’s really easy to work in to your routine. I felt super energized, enjoyed mental clarity and saw pounds melt off after just a few days!  water fasting

How Does Water Fasting + Exercise Result In Faster Weight Loss?

There is a solid physiological correlation between the expedited breakdown of fat resulting in fasted exercise. It starts with the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), which triggers fat burning processes under circumstances of exercise and fasting.

The result is that when you’re water-fasting before doing cardiovascular exercise, like aerobics or spinning, there will be reductions in both body weight and body fat. If you ate carbs before the same workout, there would only be a decrease in body weight and an increase in energy storage (hence no fat loss).

When To Water Fast

You don’t have to be all or nothing when water fasting and working out. Professional trainers recommend daily interim fasting between for about 16-18 hours. This could mean eating between 11:30am and 7:30pm, or basically skipping breakfast. Work out in the morning and you’ll reap the benefits of fat loss and renewed muscle and brain tissue.

Use Your Discretion

Not all exercise is appropriate to do while fasting, such as High-Intensity-Interval-Training. Conversely, not all individuals should be doing water-fasted exercise. Consult your personal trainer or physician first!

What are you waiting for? Tap in to the literal Fountain of Youth and try it out for yourself! 

You Can’t Afford Not To Add This To Your Water

Adding a squeeze of lemon to your bottled water has numerous health benefits. I had some anecdotal and first hand evidence that drinking lemon water daily can kick start your digestive system, stimulate your liver and combat flu symptoms. What I found after doing a little more reason was that there were actually numerous reasons to make this a part of your routine!

Let’s start with what’s in a lemon that makes it one of the original “superfoods”.

Nutritional Elements of Lemon:

Great source of citric acid, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium

Naturally Cleanse Impurities

 According to J. Kloss in the book “Back to Eden”, lemons are known to help prevent diseases by dissolving uric acid and preventing the decomposition of tissue. Lemon is especially beneficial to liver health as it fixes oxygen and calcium levels and strengthens the enzymes. The ideal time to drink lemon water for liver health is one hour before breakfast, before anything else is consumed.


Boost your Immune System

Given that lemon water has an alkalizing effect on the body, it combats bacteria and viruses that thrive in an acidic environment. Lemon water is also effective in reducing symptoms of a sore throat and phlegm buildup; classic cold & flu symptoms.

Use it as a Digestive Aid

Throw a couple wedges in your water to assist with digestion and elimination in the gastrointestinal tract. Notice a reduction in heartburn, bloating and constipation from this simple addition to your routine.

Other Key Health Benefits of Lemon Water

If it’s starting to seem like lemon water is a cure-all, that’s because it basically is. Notable lemon water health benefits also include:

  • Relief of respiratory problems including asthma and allergies
  • Increased nourishment of brain and nerve cells
  • Dissolve gallstones, kidney stones, pancreatic stones and calcium deposits
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Purify the blood and lessen bleeding

Make sure to pick up a bag of lemons with your next order of Fountain of Youth Bottled Water! You really can’t afford not to.