Water As A Factor In Colon & Bladder Cancer Prevention

Proper hydration helps protect vital organs (specifically the bladder and colon) against cancer.

According to Research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, showed that proper water intake was inversely (negatively) correlated with developing colon and bladder cancer. The more water someone drinks, the less likely they are to develop these potentially fatal cancers. 

According to the study, the risk of bladder cancer decreased by 7% for every increment of 240ml in daily fluid intake. The overall results were very compelling. Of the 50,000 study participants, those in the top 25% of fluid intake had a 49% lower incidence of bladder cancer.

The study also showed that participants who drank at least 5 glasses of water per day substantially reduced the risk of colon cancer, compared to those that only drank 2 glasses per day.

“This suggests that increased water intake may have an important role in reducing colon cancer risk by decreasing bowel transit time, reducing the mucosal contact with carcinogens, and decreasing the concentration of carcinogens,” reports the Journal of Clinical Oncology paper.


Journal of Oncology, 2004. http://jco.ascopubs.org/content/22/2/383.1.full



Take Hydration Seriously!

You are for sure dehydrated.

By the time that you experience the feeling of thirst you are already dehydrated. Optimal performance of the majority of your body depends on regular water in-take.  You should be making those 8-glasses a day a serious goal, and here’s why. 

Your mood will improve. 

Dehydration effects your cognitive functioning by causing confusion and a depressed mood. The simple act of attending to your body and brain’s need for water combats this. It’s not just the lack of coffee that makes you cranky, it’s lack of water! 


You will lose weight.

You think you’re hungry… but you’re actually thirsty. What your body is doing is turning on the alarm bells when it’s needs are being ignored. Staying hydrated serves as an appetite suppressant, as well as a digestive aid. Start your meals by downing a glass of water.

You will absorb nutrients better.

Proper circulation of nutrients in the body requires being properly hydrated. Water serves at the body’s transportation system. When we are dehydrated, nutrients don’t get absorbed and transported within the body very well.

Your skin will glow.

It seems obvious, but our skin is the largest organ in our body. Regular water consumption will improve your complexion, resulting in more even skin tone. Hydration helps the skin build new cells with more frequency. Drinking water also helps the skin do it’s job of regulating the body’s temperature and getting ride of toxins through sweating.

Your body can detox.

If we don’t drink water, we don’t flush out waste. Proper water consumption not only reduces the risk of cancer, but it can cure everyday struggles like constipation.

No more excuses!

Here’s some quick rules of thumb for making sure you’re well hydrated:

  • Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water (if you weight 140lbs, drink 70oz of water each day).
  • Carry a bottle everywhere with you as a reminder to keep drinking. Keep a glass of water in the bathroom as a reminder, too.
  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables – they are dense in water.
  • Drink water and other fluids until you urinate frequently and with light colour.