5 Awesome Ways Hydration Improves Your Skin

We Don’t Call It “Fountain of Youth” Bottled Water for Nothing!

The health benefits of daily water consumption are endless. When we consume the recommended 2 litres of water a day, the evidence is astoundingly noticeable. We first begin to see the dramatic difference in our skin. Hydration is key for a younger skin texture and a radiant glow. Listed below are some of the ways hydration positively impacts our skin. 

A properly hydrated body shows improved skin cell turnover. 

Your skin is made up of cells. Just as any other cell in the body, skin cells are made up of water. Your skin is 64 percent water, thus, it would make sense replenishment would have a positive effect on this organ (waterskinyes! your skin is an organ). It is extremely important to replace water content, as it is lost in large quantities daily. Drinking water will reach all the other organs required to keep you functioning before it reaches the skin. This is why it is incredibly important to stay on top of your water intake. When we drink enough water, our cells regenerate efficiently and our bodies operate to the best of its ability. Thus, our skin will reap the benefits. 

Water hydration creates a healthier complexion.

Drinking enough water daily detoxifies the blood stream, allowing younger looking skin. That youthful glow many seek is created due to the increased blood flow to the skin from consistent water intake. When dehydration occurs, the skin appears duller. 

Sufficient daily water intake keeps skin moisturized. 

Dry skin is the result of lack of water, which ultimately ages skin. Drinking water every day helps you save money on expensive moisturizers. This is extremely beneficial during the colder, winter months when heating systems dry out our skin from lack of moisture in the air. When skin is elastic from hydrated, there is less of a chance of cracking and becoming tight or flaky. Dry skin is less resilient and is more prone to wrinkling.

Adequate water intake prevents fine lines, reduces thinness, wrinkles and even stretch marks. 

Studies have found that drinking 2.25 litres of water every day for four weeks enhanced skin density and thickness. The reason this occurs is due to the fact that water plumps up skin. When this happens, wrinkles and pores appear as though they are, more or less, filled in. Without proper water intake, wrinkles and pores become more prominent and harder to miss. 

Hydration prevents skin problems and may alleviate skin discolouration. 

As we have learned, when our skin is hydrated, plump and elastic, damage is less likely to occur. When skin cracks, irritations and blemishes develop because external particles can be let in. 

Dehydration is also linked to acne formation, as it triggers changes in the oil glands in the skin. Water fends off breakouts through decreasing the concentration of oil on your skin. The amount of water one drinks is directly related to the type/ quantity of oil and sebum your skin produces. 

While there is a lot of scientific basis for hydration being a major factor in youthful, more resilient skin; the solution is quite simple: Enjoy Fountain of Youth Bottled Water 4x a day for a flawless complexion.