Water Fasting + Exercise Is Easy and Totally Worth It!

 My personal trainer swears by water fasting while exercising or ‘fasted cardio’ , so I gave it a try. It sounds pretty hardcore initially, but it’s really easy to work in to your routine. I felt super energized, enjoyed mental clarity and saw pounds melt off after just a few days!  water fasting

How Does Water Fasting + Exercise Result In Faster Weight Loss?

There is a solid physiological correlation between the expedited breakdown of fat resulting in fasted exercise. It starts with the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), which triggers fat burning processes under circumstances of exercise and fasting.

The result is that when you’re water-fasting before doing cardiovascular exercise, like aerobics or spinning, there will be reductions in both body weight and body fat. If you ate carbs before the same workout, there would only be a decrease in body weight and an increase in energy storage (hence no fat loss).

When To Water Fast

You don’t have to be all or nothing when water fasting and working out. Professional trainers recommend daily interim fasting between for about 16-18 hours. This could mean eating between 11:30am and 7:30pm, or basically skipping breakfast. Work out in the morning and you’ll reap the benefits of fat loss and renewed muscle and brain tissue.

Use Your Discretion

Not all exercise is appropriate to do while fasting, such as High-Intensity-Interval-Training. Conversely, not all individuals should be doing water-fasted exercise. Consult your personal trainer or physician first!

What are you waiting for? Tap in to the literal Fountain of Youth and try it out for yourself!