Water As A Factor In Colon & Bladder Cancer Prevention

Proper hydration helps protect vital organs (specifically the bladder and colon) against cancer.

According to Research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, showed that proper water intake was inversely (negatively) correlated with developing colon and bladder cancer. The more water someone drinks, the less likely they are to develop these potentially fatal cancers. 

According to the study, the risk of bladder cancer decreased by 7% for every increment of 240ml in daily fluid intake. The overall results were very compelling. Of the 50,000 study participants, those in the top 25% of fluid intake had a 49% lower incidence of bladder cancer.

The study also showed that participants who drank at least 5 glasses of water per day substantially reduced the risk of colon cancer, compared to those that only drank 2 glasses per day.

“This suggests that increased water intake may have an important role in reducing colon cancer risk by decreasing bowel transit time, reducing the mucosal contact with carcinogens, and decreasing the concentration of carcinogens,” reports the Journal of Clinical Oncology paper.


Journal of Oncology, 2004. http://jco.ascopubs.org/content/22/2/383.1.full