Fountain of Youth uses a strict and meticulous 8 step purification system to ensure that all of our bottled water is as pure and refreshing as possible. We’re passionate about water which is why we’re dedicated to bring only the highest quality bottled water to stores across Canada.


Removes sediments above 10 micron.

Activated Carbon Filter: 

Removes bad tastes, odours, chlorine and inorganic contaminants.

Ion Exchange Water Softener:

Removes minerals which cause hard-water and softens water down to zero.

Five Micron Fiber Filter: 

Removes all suspended particles that are larger than 5 micron.

Reverse Osmosis System: 

Removes 98.7% of all remaining impurities of the SIX CONTAMINANT CATEGORIES.

Polishing Filter:

Gives a crystal clear appearance and leave water tasting and looking like fresh glacial water.


Injected into the water during the bottling process to remove any bacteria that may be present.

Ultra-Violet Light: 

Maintains integrity of water by sterilizing against bacterial contaminants.