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How Can Drinking More Water Help With Weight Loss?

We’ve heard it all before. Drinking the recommended amount of water – 2L or 4 bottles per day, is absolutely necessary to maintain good health. We’ve also been told that drinking more water can assist with weight loss – but the question is, how? Something on our bucket list this year is to lose weight […]

5 H20 Hangover Hacks for the Holiday Drinking Season

Even if your heavy drinking days are behind you for the most part, it’s hard to avoid post-holiday party hangovers. Dehydration is caused by alcohol, and the symptoms of a pounding headache and nausea are the result. Use these 5 H20 Hangover Hacks to beat the system! 1. Pre-Game Chug-A-Lug In our teens and early twenties, […]

Why You Should AVOID Fluoridated Tap Water

The Fluoride Myth If you’re not concerned about the fluoridation practice in tap water, you probably should be. The FDA, which is far from a non-partisan agency, claims that fluoride added to the water supply is for added medical benefits.  In the 1950s, the stated benefit of fluoride in the water supply was that is […]

Water As A Factor In Colon & Bladder Cancer Prevention

Proper hydration helps protect vital organs (specifically the bladder and colon) against cancer. According to Research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, showed that proper water intake was inversely (negatively) correlated with developing colon and bladder cancer. The more water someone drinks, the less likely they are to develop these potentially fatal cancers.  According to the study, […]

Take Hydration Seriously!

You are for sure dehydrated. By the time that you experience the feeling of thirst you are already dehydrated. Optimal performance of the majority of your body depends on regular water in-take.  You should be making those 8-glasses a day a serious goal, and here’s why.  Your mood will improve.  Dehydration effects your cognitive functioning by causing confusion […]

Why Should I Be Drinking Oxygenated Water?

The consumption of water is integral to our health and wellbeing. Many hydration studies show water as being absolutely essential to bodily functions such as organ maintenance, skin elasticity and clarity, immune system balance and waste elimination. What does Oxygenated Water specifically do? The process of reverse-osmosis and oxygenation that Fountain of Youth Bottled Water undergoes offers […]