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Water Drinking Cheatsheet For Maximal Benefits

Drinking water at the right time of day is important to achieve optimal health benefits. 

We’ve broken down the basics of when to drink your 8 glasses of water in two different ways. The first list is for those who like to get the big picture. The second list is for our more detail-oriented, regimented readers.


1) First Thing After Waking 


Drinking a bottle of water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up. This helps activate your internal organs and remove toxins before your first meal.

2) Before each meal

Drink a bottle of water half an hour  before meals. This helps with digestion, and should be followed up with another bottle an hour after your meal. 

3) Before a bath

Drinking a bottle of water before a nice relaxing bath will help lower your blood pressure.

4) Before sleep

A bottle of water before bed helps to renew cells and maintain hydration during sleep. It also is preventative to heart attacks and strokes.

Water drinking schedule

Here is an example of a water drinking schedule broken down by time of day. This would obviously vary from person to person, depending on your commitments. Consider making one of your own and putting it in your calendar.

7:30am – 1st Bottle (before breakfast)

9:30 – 2nd Bottle (1 hour after breakfast) 

Noon – 3rd Bottle (before lunch) 

1:30pm – 4th Bottle (after lunch) 

3:30pm – 5th Bottle (can be some other un-sweetened beverage such as tea) 

5:30pm – 6th Bottle (before dinner) 

8:30pm – 7th Bottle (after dinner) 

10:30pm – 8th Bottle (before bedtime) 

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