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Why You Should AVOID Fluoridated Tap Water

The Fluoride Myth

If you’re not concerned about the fluoridation practice in tap water, you probably should be. The FDA, which is far from a non-partisan agency, claims that fluoride added to the water supply is for added medical benefits.  In the 1950s, the stated benefit of fluoride in the water supply was that is supposedly prevents tooth decay. There is no evidence to show that this is true, however, as tooth decay is most closely correlated with low-income status. 

Fluoride ‘deficiency’ does not exist, as fluoride is not an essential nutrient. There’s a reason that 97% of Western European countries do not consume fluoridated water; it has several negative health effects. As of January 2012, over 4000 doctors, scientists, dentists, and scholars have signed a statement calling for the end to water fluoridation worldwide.


Fluoride In The Water Supply Is Bad News

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listed fluoride among 100 other chemicals for which there is “substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.” Dozens of research studies across the world have reported associations between fluoride exposure and reduced IQ. Additionally, there have been reports of correlations between fluoride exposure and authorities, impaired kidney function, brain disease, and a litany of other health issues. 

Taking Precautions

The amount of fluoride in the water supply is not known, which is troubling in it’s own right. Fountain of Youth Bottled Water is processed to ensure maximally safe and healthy water for all who drink it. It is purified and oxygenated to improve cognitive function, respiration, and digestion.