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A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

It’s that time of year again!

For the majority of Canadians, the biggest New  Year’s resolutions are centred around health, diet, exercise, and cutting down on bad habits like smoking. Something that people miss is the common factor that furthers each of these goals: drinking enough water. 

As we have written in previous blog posts, if you take hydration seriously the benefits will be swift and broad sweeping. In addition to weight loss, drinking 4 bottles of Fountain Of Youth Bottled Water will improve your mood, increase cognitive performance and have your body functioning optimally.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The importance of drinking water in the winter months is especially important. As it gets colder outside, the body has to work harder to maintain a 98.6 degree temperature; and that extra energy requires more water. In addition, sicknesses that peak in winter such as the flu can also lead to dehydration.


Water As Your Fountain Of Youth

Even though most people know the positive effects of water, they don’t drink it often enough. Drinking water is an easy thing to do, it’s just a matter of getting into the habit. With all the New Year’s resolutions that are difficult to maintain past January, Canadians should feel confident that drinking more water is a resolution that’s very doable to keep.

Get energized and excited about looking and feeling younger and healthier without having to drastically change your habits!