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5 H20 Hangover Hacks for the Holiday Drinking Season


Even if your heavy drinking days are behind you for the most part, it’s hard to avoid post-holiday party hangovers. Dehydration is caused by alcohol, and the symptoms of a pounding headache and nausea are the result. Use these 5 H20 Hangover Hacks to beat the system!

1. Pre-Game Chug-A-Lug

In our teens and early twenties, we would pre-drink before going to the bar. Now that our M.O. is no longer to be wasted upon arrival, it’s a better plan to chug water before you go out. Make it a substantial amount, like 1 litre. If you start a night of drinking dehydrated, no amount of catch up can help you.

2. On The Rocks whiskyrocks

Good news for Whisky drinkers! Adding a little water and ice is believed to enhance the natural flavours of whisky, so you’re not compromising enjoyment. For mixed drinks, consider sparkling water instead of tonic water.

3. Water Chasers

There’s always that guy who drags everyone up to the bar and cries for SHOTS!!! I promise that you won’t lose any “cool points” for telling the bartender to line up water chasers in low-ball glasses alongside them. Remember, it’s for a good cause!

4. Beer, Here!

Beverages that have lower alcohol content and higher water volume won’t necessarily rehydrate you. What you can count on is less of an impact if you go with lower-alcohol beers… Just as long as you don’t compensate with more of them!

5. Vitamins B+C

People swear by Vitamin B-Complex, and specifically B-12 for hangover prevention. Alternatively, have a pack of Emergen-C handy to put in your water before bedtime for a less nutrient-starved body in the morning. Nighty Night!